Let’s talk about what makes a great golf course.


To make a great golf course I believe it needs a great atmosphere to go hand-in-hand with the golfing experience. I don’t think it really matters how great the course is if the atmosphere isn’t good, or the experience isn’t great then you won’t really appreciate the course. I know a lot of golfers that gets stuck going to the same old golf course. What’s interesting about this is the fact that there might be a course right around them that’s even better. This often begs the question  why do you go to this course instead of that course?  What I hear is; we love this course because of the people here.


So whenever you’re looking for a golf course I think first and foremost you should look into whether or not that it has a great atmosphere. Shoot it could even be a putt putt golf place in the atmosphere is great enough I think you’ll have a good time. Let’s take for instance a golf course in Hawaii, and I know we’ve talked about this before. What I want to point out again is the fact that there are some golf courses there that I would never want to step foot on. These Or what I like to call hyper local golf courses and they can be found in every community. Basically what they are is a place where the “local” people gather to go play golf. It’s kind of funny it’s like a gang in the golf community. Imagine that the golfer gang. Sure it’s great for them they enjoy their time and they have fun together. But if someone from outside of their local group comes to play golf they just get a staredown. If you’ve ever been in one of those situations it’s not fun and it’s not how you wanna play your golf game.


So if you’re looking for a good golf course to go play at just make sure that you’re looking at the situation in the atmosphere. I don’t feel like golf courses should be rated on how good the golf courses, but on how good the experience is.


Let’s talk about the food and alcohol. would you rather golf in a place that had no food or drinks? Or would you rather go somewhere where there was great food and you could even get a drink if you needed one. I know, I know it’s an easy answer. There are few golf courses out there that have so much good food that people that don’t even go down there just to eat.
Even the golf carts have a lot to do with it for me. If they’re maintained well and clean it kind of goes to show how the golf course is maintaining their reputation with their equipment. If the management is good they’re going to make sure that all the equipment is running right. It’s always a good idea to take a look at the equipment to see if it’s somewhere you want to play. Do they allow kids? you might think that you don’t want kids to play or be around the golf course if you’re going to be trying to go. In a controlled environment sometimes it’s nice to have kids around it just goes to show that it’s family oriented. If my son can come to the golf course with me then I’m not going PIEROID.

Golfing Everywhere

  Even if you don’t know much about golf you know that throughout the world tire service it has become a favorite sport of young and old alike.  Golfing is enjoyed by people from all walks of life man or woman, boy or girl.  There are courses that are reserved for the wealthy and perhaps it is known as a sport of the wealthy.  But because of it’s great popularity there are many courses throughout the world that are very affordable and still very nice.  

    After a bitter cold winter and a long sloppy spring you will find people in Bismark North Dakota excited about getting out there clubs and heading to some nearby golf clubs. Some of our auto detailing Bismarck friends who couldn’t wait for the freezing winter to pass you can also find a golf simulator where you and your friends can have a great time indoors.  But of course, nothing beats the real thing and the long wait is well worth it. There aren’t very many occasions where man actually improves the land and the look of the country side.  But golf courses are often the most attractive places in a community.  The beautiful irrigated turf grass that is cut to perfection is eye appealing for certain.  There are rolling hills and dunes and trees framed with the native grass and natural landscape of the area.  In Bismark North Dakota you can also enjoy the view of the rolling Missouri River.  

    Elsewhere around the world you’ll see the very wealthy (maybe from the Forbes 500 list of most wealthy) landing in their private jets at a nearby airfield.  They’ve come just for the day to play golf at a classy course somewhere beautiful and peaceful.  They will spend thousands of dollars and never think twice about the cost.  They may bring in business associates and work out numbers for the next big project they are negotiating.  It’s not just a day of pleasure for the very wealthy but it is also where many a contract has been signed and business agreements completed.  After a full day you can see them heading back to their private jets where they will fly back to their homes somewhere around the world.  With many wealthy people owning their own jets, there is no place that isn’t accessible for a great game of golf and an exciting day with friends.  There are over 1800 billionaires on the face of the earth, plus many more than that millionaires.  So, why not have some extravagant places  to go for a day of golfing.  You may even chance to see some of the top 500 riches from the Forbes Magazine playing golf.  Or if you can’t afford to get into a place that extravagant at least you may get a glimpse of their private jet as they come in for landing on a nearby airfield.

    There are seemingly endless possibilities for golfing in every country around the world.  Here in the USA we can enjoy courses built right on the side of an ocean cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean or clear across the country overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  You won’t be disappointed with the majestic views from these golf courses.  If you happen to be in the desert somewhere or in the Mountains, vastly different aspects of our beautiful world,  it’s an amazing experience just to step foot and put your skills to play on any course you happen to choose.

   Most golf clubs have a wonderful restaurant to enjoy either a casual meal or a very nice dinner later in the day.  It’s common for the community to come and enjoy a meal at the local golf club because the food is most often  the best you can find.   At some of the more expensive courses there is also lodging with amazing accommodations.  Now instead of a golf club you will find a golf resort.  You can stay in world class rooms with all the luxuries you can think of and eat in the best restaurants around and golf in the most beautiful course you can imagine without having to worry about driving someplace.  It’s all in one very convenient and one very amazing location.  If for some reason there are members in your party that are not interested in golfing (imagine that) there will be plenty of other amenities within the resort that will keep them busy and happy.  Something for every taste and for every budget.

    I remember the story of a teenage boy who worked at the restaurant of a nearby golf resort.  He and his buddy were given the opportunity, for a minimal fee, to play in one of the “Arnold Palmer” golf courses belonging to that resort.  They were able to invite a friend to come play and so they both invited there fathers. What a sweet thing to do and what a great time they had that day.  They would never have been able to afford to play there without that company giving them such deep discounts.  None of the four were that familiar with the game and they may have even made up some of their own rules, but the time they had together was priceless.  When we see that young man now we still hear stories  of that amazing and once in a life time experience.

    There are people who make there own putting green right in there back yard.  All they have to do is step out the back door and pick up a club and they are in the game.  It’s a great way to practice when you don’t have the time or inclination to go to the course.  It’s also great for a little backyard entertainment when friends and family come over for a summer barbecue.  

    So wherever you live in this great big world, check out your nearby golf courses and give it a swing. Or when you go on your next trip be sure to look online for reviews about a golf course where you are staying.  Even if you don’t want to golf, drive by and look at the beautiful fairways and greens.  There is a lot of beauty to take in on the courses throughout the world.

Maui Dunes

  If you ever get the opportunity to do some golfing on the Island of Maui, I would highly recommend that you give The Dunes at Maui Lani a try.  It’s a little gem that isn’t located at an expensive resort but right near the airport in Kahului.  You can get the feel of the real aloha in this beautiful spot.  The views are spectacular whether you are outside on the course or inside enjoying some wonderful local food at Cafe o’ lei.

Maui Dunes

 The course itself is very well maintained with natural terrains and dunes…sand dunes.  It’s a narrow course and because of the hills sometimes you aren’t sure where your ball has landed.  But that is all part of the fun here.  On a clear day as you look around at the views of the west Maui Mountains it is breath-taking.  You can also see Haleakala from the greens.  The best part is that it is affordable and if you happen to be a resident there is an even better deal for you.  Just make sure to have your drivers license with you though.  The course is open seven days
a week and the staff here is just what you would hope for on the Islands.  Friendly and helpful and knowledgeable.  Much Aloha Spirit seen and felt here among the staff and players as well.  If you just want to come for the driving range you can do that in the evening as well as day time as it is a lighted driving range.  And if you didn’t bring our clubs with you there is also a place where you can rent some really good clubs for a reasonable rate.

 The dining at the Maui Lani Golf Course is delightful.  Not only is the food top notch and presented with class, it is also amazingly reasonably priced.  If you happen to come for lunch they offer a daily plate lunch special which is always delicious. You need to be there fairly early though because it’s a popular menu item and is usually sold out very quickly.  If you get an option of eating inside or setting out on the lanai, choose the lanai.  Between the warmth of the sun and the touch of the trade winds you will feel like you are in paradise for sure.  I’ve eaten here many times and have never once been disappointed. If the lanai is full the inside dining is also very enjoyable.

 You don’t have to be a pro to play here at the Maui Lani Golf course but if you are a pro you will have a great day as well and without a doubt enjoy this beautiful course.  There is more to golfing than the game and you will find many happy and friendly folk here enjoying the best of the Islands.  It is truly an experience you don’t want to miss out on if you ever find yourself on the Valley Isle of Maui and I’ll bet you will be telling your friends and family and sharing this gem with them.


Finding the right club, and not the swinging kind.

Your looking for a golf club. When your doing that your not thinking of having a meh time. your hoping to find something that make your day a little brighter and you want to relax and have a good time. One problem though your on the islands and you don’t know where to go to find the right place for you. I can tell you from experience that there are always two sides to an island. Well technically islands are generally round. That’s not the kinda sides i’m talking about here. No; what i’m talking about is there are two sides like a coin, or like an attitude. There is the local side of thing’s and the tourist side. The kama ina (Hawaiian for local) side of  things is a little rougher than you probably imagined. Local’s in Hawaii don’t like tourist at all even though that’s where 90 percent of there income comes from. They like to act tough, and scare the locals. There golf clubs suck for this reason… attitude. And you thought because of the movies there were nice. What was that word they us? Aloha! Yeah for the most part that’s just a show for the tourist so they can make money. Not all Hawaiians are that way, but sad to say most are.

scary hawaiians

So on the flip side of thing’s there is the touristy side of thing’s. People want to experience the “real” Hawaii and try to do local stuff, but let me tell you the “Good” locals work and live near these touristy places. There the ones you wanna hang with anyway. You’ll have way more fun at the resorts. The clubs there are relaxing and you don’t feel like you have to watch your back at all times. Trust is a must, and you can feel like you can trust at these places. Two things to remember when resort golfing. Go at odd times, and don’t use the caddie. Unless you don’t mind being out golfed. these guys are so good they have been golfing for years on the same course…..heck there stuck on a rock in the middle of the pacific. So you can imagine how good they are. There great if you need a few pointers though.

Best views golfingBest Places to golf!

I always say if your going to do it. DO IT. There are so many resorts to pick from why would you try to go out to the crappy courses the locals are forced to use because they hate white people with awesome hats, and sunburns. You will find the resorts so much more fun. I hope I convinced you to stay away from the locals, and have a good time golfing at the beach instead of the rain forest. Rain forest sounds fun till you try golfing in it all day. I like the ocean views and happy people myself. Don’t get caught up in the hype do what’s right. Shoot they built the resorts for people like you, and me why would we do the dumb thing. Human’s???

Islands Like Arizona?

GoPro: Arizona Golfing from GoPro on Vimeo.

If my last bit of writing scared the poo outta you you might be like most people. You want a beautiful golf coarse at a bottom dollar price tag. You want to play in the islands but you can’t pay to play. We understand you situation and hope this article helps you in your golfing endeavors .

Don’t get me wrong here. I want to show you a few “other” options besides the good old island golf clubs routine. Really when you want to put island like, but cheap, yet fancy only one place comes to mind.

City of Phoenix Visitors and Newcomers

Yeah good old Phoenix, AZ.

The golf Clubs in this town are really amazing for the price tag they put on them. Honestly I don’t really know how they can do it for so cheap. Maybe it’s the volume of people the pay to stay and play. Yeah I guess that might be where the stark contrast comes in. Island golfing can be a little less crowded, but you pay for that. Here you have Phoenix and there stuff is fancy and nice, yet they price there stuff low. That way the snow birds are attracted to come down an stay at there clubs. Not a bad marketing gimmick if you ask me.


Amazing golf

Maybe though just maybe it’s no gimmick. Have you looked at this picture I really think this coarse is something like an island coarse. You really could pretend you were on an island!! Yet it’s only half the price,….nah more like one tenth the price. That’s the thing you can really have a great golfing experience (island like) for a lot less. Ha I bet you go down to this area, and end up wanting to live there. Most people do. You can golf, eat, and live for relativity cheap.

So let’s look at this you wanna golf. You want to golf is style, but you NEED to do it on the cheap really your not going to find a better place take it from the pros. We have been everywhere Now i’m sure you want me to get into specifics like what coarse is best. Well there are way too many variables. Like terrain, area, and resort/club. So I think it would be best if you went strait for the web searcher and found what your looking for. I think you’ll find all you need in that area. Anyways that’s just kinda something that I have been thinking about and wanted to share. I really hope this helps with your desire to be in Hawaii, yet doing it on the cheap.

As you know……Or do ya

Hawaii is known for it’s premiere golf club. Also At the same time in the same tone at the same point. Holy heck, what the flip, good grief there expensive. There is one resort that we used to visit that was a little over the top. If you wanted to golf on this coarse you had to actually own at the least a condo in the resort. No freebies. Oh and each condo costed at a minimum three million dollars, yeah $3,000,000.00 can you say dang!! Uh yeah forgot to mention there is also a yearly maintenance fee of a healthy $300,000.00 per year. Ouch!!

So truthfully this place is immaculate. It’s called Kukio and it’s on the Big island of Hawaii. West side. The side the locals call the Kona side or the Gold Coast. Kinda like the Gold Coast of Australia  Let’s look at what makes this place so…well awesome. Awesome enough to charge that much. On a side note this resort houses some famous names. Ever herd of dell, or maybe mar’s bar’s? Can you say 240 million dollar vacation homes on the beach. Yeah Tiger Woods can’t even touch these greens.

Here’s just a few details we got when we got the sneak peak tour. Ha this was a goofy tour. We had to hide every time a golfer came around. make it seem like no one else existed in the world. That was the first thing we noticed. The guys working the greens were like special forces. They were all set up to run and hide in these special spots every time a golfer got within eye shot. Oh and when a golfer tee’d off, as soon as they walked away BOOM 5 guys were there fixing the grass that got messed up. The next guy would never be able to tell that the course had ever been used.

Strangest of all. This grass was so green like BANG!! IN YOUR FACE GREEN!!. like how do they keep it so perfect. Looks to real to be true. I mean come on not even one blade of grass out of place. Yep trust story. I figured it out ha. So here I was looking scanning trying to find one thing wrong with something. Finally once we were almost done with our tour I noticed a small patch of grass that was brown. Feeling like I was so special I pointed it out to our guide. Boy did he look mortified. Within minutes there was 3 golf carts there with paint sprayers on them. What? Yeah! You herd me paint sprayers. They seriously got out and spray painted the grass green again. texturing, and filling in the spots making it so there was no contrast what so ever. Mind blown. Is how I left that place. My advice if your ever invited….. GO! I guess when you pay the big buck that’s the kinda service you get. In my opinion it feels a little fake to me… just saying. I mean spray painted grass really?                                                                                             Kukio, HI


Best Island Gold Clubs

Hawaii Golf

It’s really nice to come to the islands and do some golfing. This is a place where you can get your answers about where the best golf clubs. About them and the people how run them. Also dully noted is a little about when. That’s usually a big one you don’t want to be somewhere wishing you would have waited a week or stayed longer than originally planned. Here we will help you answer those questions.